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At Guerilla CCTV we strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. We work around the clock to provide our customers with the best in security, surveillance and customer service. in this day everyone and every company is in the way of some sort of threat so put us to the test and you will find yourself at ease with the peace of mind that while you are not watching, we are.

We have a wide range of offers and solutions that come with unsurpassed picture quality and audio systems with hidden microphones that can be incorporated at various areas which record 24/7 with video footage. This provides businesses with a control measure over the level of customer service provided should the need arise. We even have a monitoring investigations unit that allows us to overlook your footage and pin point anything that you may have missed.


Whatever suits your needs we have it

GUERILLA CCTV solutions provide business owners and companies with live time viewing on systems. What you are viewing is what is happening at that very moment. No dragging or system lags. Easy access to playback footage, control parameters to viewing speed and unparalleled playback smoothness and clarity.


Every Guerilla CCTV security system is custom-designed by an on-staff security consultant to provide the highest level of protection while meeting all specified standards and delivering unmatched overall value. By constantly evaluating the latest technology and working to understand our customers’ evolving needs, DGA has developed an array of options and services to make commercial security systems more effective and easier to use. Guerilla CCTV offers Web tools to review and manage key functions online and email alerts and remote view to keep you informed on the go. So our customers have 24/7 access to their security systems from home, from the road, from virtually anywhere in the world.





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